Other Mercyful Fate pages

Pidge's King Diamond page
Also lots of cool things. This page contains a huge King and MF tablatures collection.

Chilean Coven
Home page of Chilean fan club - loaded with stuff. Excellent source of information.

King Diamond's World
This was first created for French-speaking KD/MF fans, but now it also has a huge and cool english version.

Argentinian KD page
Another King Diamond / Mercyful Fate page...

Portuguese page
KD/MF page for Portuguese speaking fans.

Slateman's King Diamond Database
Great source of information about band members, discography and band biography.

Oliver's KD/MF page
Another great KD/MF page with a contest and an exclusive interview.

Mercyful Fate page on the PVA metal pages
Short bio, LPs and songs rating and a movie.

Mercyful Fate page by Bruss
Well, that's another MF page...

Mercyful Fate page by BobW
... and yet another one...

Alan's King Diamond Page
Not much yet, but you might find it pretty interesting.

Mercyful Fate page at Metal Blade
The official... Contains some short audio samples.

Outdated bio
Probably written in 1987...

Record Heaven
These guys have the largest collection of MF/KD related stuff for sale. It includes rare LPs, 12", 7", picture discs, radio shows, bootlegs, test pressings, CDs, cassettes, t-shirts, posters, patches, pictures, backstage passes, autographed items and more - over 600 items.

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