Submitting additional information

You may also participate in creating the Mercyful Fate Coven. If You have, or know about, some demo tapes or bootlegs not listed here, just send some info about them to me.

It would also be great if You sent the copies of those tapes to me - e-mail me if You can, and we'll discuss the details.

I'm also looking for the lyrics for the following tracks:
- Death Kiss
- Hard Rocker
- Love Criminal
- On A Night Of Full Moon
- Return Of The Vampire (in case they differ from those found on "In The Shadows" LP)
- Shadow Night
- Walking Back To Hell
- You Asked For It

If You have the lyrics, just send them to me.

Tablatures and other stuff are also welcome.

Of course, everyone sending cool stuff will be listed in the credits section, no matter if he sends me some tapes or not.

Please do not send large files (like pictures) via email! Use ftp instead - I have an incoming directory at

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