1980 (Brats' LP)

(CBS, 1980)

[ Cover ]
  1. OY-905 (4:00)
  2. Tame Me (Insomniac) (4:25)
  3. B-Brains (3:10)
  4. Punk Fasion (1:30)
  5. Complex (Don't Destroy Me) (6:13)
  6. Fuel (2:14)
  7. Heavy Rocker (6:41)
  8. Pinned On My Eyelids (2:46)
  9. Sense My Boy (4:05)
  10. Ogcah Ghaszlihr
  11. Accepted (3:16)
  12. Zombie People (4:37)

The band's line-up on this album is:

This album was recorded at: Metronome Studio B
and mixed at: Sweet Silence Feb/Mar-80
Produced and mixed by: Tom Rønlov Andersen & Brats
Engineer: Thomas Brekling

B-Brains was recorded at: Sweet Silence Jan-80
Produced by: Stig Kreutzfeldt
Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen
Design concept: Flemming Jønsson

Apparently this album was recently unofficially rereleased on a CD.



Music and Lyrics: Yenz

Oh yeah!
Really wanna take
Take this all the way
But please don't let it fade
Don't shoot me down in flames

Got me loaded up
I changed position and my thoughts
Now I'm standin' up
Oh please don't let me drop

I'm OY-905
Don't shoot me down tonight
I'm OY-905
To night

I feel the fright
At the back of my mind, yeah

Got no reason to
Feel the way that I do
But still these termites rule
My bod is in a loop

I really wanna take
Take this all the way
So please don't let it fade
Don't place me in the shades again

Chorus reapeat

Tonight, tonight, tonight
I really am alright

Chorus repeat twice

Tonight, tonight, tonight
I really am alright
Yeah, I'm high in spite of fright
I'm so glad I'm so glad

Tame Me (Insomniac)

Music and Lyrics: Yenz

I wanna name my poison
I'm ready for some
I fill a glass, a dozen
Oh, I don't wanna stop
No, I don't wanna stop

You'll never see me sittin' down
'Cause I move, I live, I drink to fast
I gotta have all there's around
Ain't seen no thing that can make me relax

Just can't seem to get insomnia
Off my back, so you just gotta
Tame, tame me - lay me - curb me
Do domesticate

I'm speedin' by, you watch my back
Gotta jump me or I'll stay insomniac
You gotta go for my face
You see theese feet,
They just won't touch the brake

Chorus repeat


Music and Lyrics: Yenz

I want her vision
Don't wanna touch her skin
Wanna hear her talkin
Watch the movements of her lips

She takes away all the lust and my hard-on
She's so immaculate
And I don't understand myself (it)

Don't want her body
Just wanna see her face
She is so pure
And she's so goddamn frail

A: repeat
B: A nobody with B-brains
But oh what an A-face
Feelin insane
B-brains, ooh what a face
And I don't wanna think nomore

Stab me !!

I gotta get away
I gotta get my brains all soaked
Because I just can't stand
Can't stand this fukin game nomore

A: repeat
B: repeat

Pointing, firing, blowing out my brains

Punk Fasion

Music: Hank
Lyrics: Yenz/Hank

You belive in fasion
Yeah, that is your passion

Punk in mass production
Fashion is destruction

Regiment the masses
They're wearing punk sunglasses

Complex (Don't Destroy Me)

Music and Lyrics: Yenz

Don't! Don't!
Destroy me
No! No!
Avoid me
I don't want you
But you need me it seems
Don't add me to your list of wrecks
I wanna live out my dreams

Let me rest and rebuild
Till I'm strong again
Invade another head, oh

I know she's gone
But I am gonna rise
I know it always ends uo wrong
But please don't touch my eyes
You pestilential complex
Please don't rape my mind

Let me rest and rebuild
Till I'm strong again
Invade another head, another head


Music and Lyrics: Yenz

Haste, haste
I can't stand still
My face
Is a constant grin
Got ants in my stomach
Smoke in my lungs
Fuel in my body
And I feel so strong
Nothing in my head
Too little in my ears
Everything's unclear

Oh it feels so nice
Flashing, gleaming lights

I got fuel in my body
Fuel in my body
Fuel, fuel, fuel

So good
I gotta move around
Got to
Jump right up and down
The floor's vibratin'
By the sounds we make
My face is drippin'
I don't feel the strains
I close myself
I close myself
In electric waves

Oh it feels so nice
Flashing, gleaming lights

Chorus repeat

Heavy Rocker

Music: Yenz/Hank
Lyrics: Yenz

This is his obsession
This is what he's livin' for
Total aggression
The body needs more
Sweat on face and fingers
Sweat drippin' on the floor
His brains are boilin'
When he hears the guitars roar

That rocker
Ain't gonna fall
He's getting stronger
Well alright, we're here to satisfy

They can't stab him, stand him
Catch that heavy rocker
He's gonna get it take it
Make it that heavy rocker
They tried to kill him back in '76
But there's a new generation
To give him a fix
Oh, hell he's amouth
And he knows what fun is about, about
Heavy rocker-that's right!

Ok! Won't you
Hand me the axe
Alright! We're gonna
Split your skull and back
Oh yeah! Oh yeah
We're the kids in black
Take all you got now
Stay or become a brat

That rocker
Knows where it's at
He's gettin stronger
Well alright, we're here to satisfy

Chorus repeat

You are the future
The next decade is yours
There'll be 1000's of maniacs
And they won't find no cure

For that rocker
He's on the loose
He's gettin' stronger
Well alright, we're here to satisfy

Chorus repeat

Pinned On My Eyelids

Music: Hank/Yenz
Lyrics: Yenz

I got a picture in my head
It's been there since I don't know when
Lookin' for the pictured race
Frustration hits me like a wave

Pinned on my eyelids
I can't control it

Controls my eyeballs constantly
Much stronger when I close my lids
Only way of savin' me's
To find the picture in the street

Pinned on my eyelids
I can't control it


I got a picture in my head
It's been there since I don't know when
Nailed onto my eyes with pins
Projected on my sleepless lids

Pinned on my eyelids
I can't control it


Sense My Boy

Music and Lyrics: Yenz

Try to lock me up in school
Try to lock me up at home
I'm oh, "so wild"
A "problem child"

They don't like the way I look
"That'll change when you get mature"
Our movement is
"A game for kids"

I know I'll get nowhere
But really I don't care
I gotta do what I got in my head
I really got no choice
Sense, my boy
Sense, ha!

They keep tellin' me
I don't care
'Cause I'm a Brat I belong in the streets
Ladies, whoppers, the life for me
I'm always broke
But I'm havin' fun

Ogcah Ghaszlihr

Music: Monroe
Lyrics: Denner

Leadvocals: Denner
Piano and back-up vocals: Monroe


Music and Lyrics: Yenz

You used to be someone special
But now you're just a piece of wreckage
You used to be somebody
Then you were filled with excitement

You'd die to be accepted
Your ego disappers
Afraid to be rejected
You jumped, closed eyes and ears

You changed your way of talkin'
You razed your pants and your t-shirts
You said you were into the music
You made belive you were real tough

Chorus repeat

You no longer do what you wanna do
You're one of them, that's what you wanna prove
Now you are caught and they're draggin' you down
Draggin' you down

Chorus repeat

You wanna be accepted

Zombie People

Music: Hank
Lyrics: Yenz

When we're walkin' down the street
Zombie people just can't conceive
How we got to look like this
The only way to feel we exist

When we're walkin' down the street
Meetin' zombies constantly
Ruled by the others, not themselves
Doin' what they're told, they're so afraid, ha!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Zombie people, zombie people
Keep on tellin' us we goota join 'em
I don't wanna sink into the mass
We're just to strong, we're livin' to fast

You're in, I'm sane
I'm a filthy dane

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