Lots of pictures and lyrics are taken (or at least were originally taken) from the King Diamond Coven, created by another hard-core King's fan, Pete. Great thanx for such a cool page! Stay heavy!

The very special thanx goes to Albert Tyler, who helped me creating the demos and bootlegs section.

The thanx goes also to Espen Skughei, who also sent me some more info on unreleased tracks plus some cool demo / live tapes.

I'd also like to thank Jason Redding, who sent me a large amount of info about MF bootlegs.

I also want to thank David Dejeneffe, who sent me the lyrics of "Leave My Soul Alone". Great job! Also thanks for lots info on the bootlegs and everything else and of course for the cassette.

I also have to thank Pige for making another King's page. Many of the tablatures come from there.

Another one to thank is Luis Leiva, head of Chilean Coven, who sent me a large amount of King's pictures. Thanx!

Similarly I'd like to thank Jeff Staberow, who sent some more pics.

Another great thanks go to Kim "paradroid" Sandrehav, who decoded and sent the lyrics for "Burning The Cross". Great job.

Thanks to Jorge Del Carpio Vásquez who sent me a nice bootleg.

Another one I'd like to thank is Heikki Kullberg, who sent more pics. Thanx.

Frank Christensen extended my knowledge about MF prehistory and early history. Huge thanks.

Next thanks go to Slateman for his King Diamond Database, which is a great source of information.

"Dead6666" decoded lyrics for MDA - thanks for the great job!

Sebastien "Nyark" Dube - thanks for pictures!

Great thanks to Ole Bang for his great help.

Lots of thanks go to all people who helped me in some way, but whose names I forgot.

Greetings go to all Mercyful Fate and King Diamond fans around the world.

Last, but definitely not least, I'd like to hail the King. If it wasn't been for him, what would we listen to?

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